Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Services

The Hive VOC team is made up of seasoned industry veterans who have walked the walk and have used their expertise to help dozens of restaurants maximize their profitability. From new concepts, to independent operators, and multi-unit groups - our team can help you control costs, reduce waste, streamline processes, and increase traffic. If you’re ready to get a customized action plan to meet your goals, see our services below.

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Social Media Starter Kits

Dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager and U.S. based content writers.

Posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 6 days a week, and Instagram 5 days a week.

We will curate and post an array of content uniquiely created for your social presence, all of which will help keep your name in front of potential customers.

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Restaurant Procurement Services

Reducing your costs is simple when you work with Hive.

You can bring stability, reduce risk, and improve financial performance through proper supply-chain management.

The Hive VOC team has expertise in supply chain management for single unit restaurants, multi-unit groups, hotels, and motels throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Hive can manage all aspects of your daily supply chain management. Our in-house Procurement staff works with our Strategic Partners to get you access to cost analysis reports, added value programs, employee perk programs, and exclusive national manufacturer rebate programs on over 100,000 line items.

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Restaurant PEO & Employee Leasing Services

Hive VOC offers access to Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP) and Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) through our Strategic Partners.

We can fully service all of your restaurant contract management needs:

- Payroll systems
- Human resources processes
- Worker compensation
- Employer practice liability
- Benefits
- Employee leasing
- Unemployment management
- Tax credit identification

Contact us below to learn how we can best work with your company.

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Restaurant Consulting & Coaching

Stabilizing a single unit operation, fine tuning multiple units, and bringing a new concept to life all require unique expertise in finance, risk management, and operations.

Take a shortcut to success with the expertise of someone who’s already walked the path.

The Hive VOC team has nearly 2 decades of experience in high-end hospitality and restaurant management nationwide. Hive brings proven systems for developing cost controls, traffic building initiatives, debt restructuring strategies, management accountability, restaurant design, menu development, and more.

Click below to learn more about how Hive can kickstart your success.

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Restaurant Labor Optimization

If you’re a restaurant operator who finds training challenging, you’re not alone.

You also know that your employees are key to your business’s long-term health because they’re the face of your brand

What if you could…

- Easily train fast, efficient employees
- Save time and money on compliance training
- Reduce the time from “hired” to “working”
- Standardize your customer’s experience across multiple locations
- Avoid losing employees (and the lost profits training new hires)
- Save time and money reprinting training documents when they’re updated
- Identify skill competency gaps at a glance across individuals, departments, and entire locations
- Manage all employee’s continuing education/compliance training hands-free