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How can we help you?

We have the experience you need to streamline any concept or bring a new business to life.
Our diverse network of channel partnerships can help you run your restaurant from A-Z.

New restaurant vision?

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is tough. You won’t stand out unless you have a finely tuned concept. Luckily, Hive VOC brings over 2 decades of high-end restaurant and hospitality management experience. We know exactly how to set up the systems and processes you need to run a successful, profitable restaurant from the start.

Operational challenges?

You’re not alone. Restaurants face all kinds of growing pains. The Hive VOC team is staffed with seasoned hospitality veterans who have been there. We use our expertise to help restaurants around the country successfully transition to profitability.

Full Service Supply Chain?

Leverage Hive V.O.C.’s Strategic Partnerships multi-Billion dollar buying power to negotiate chain-like supplier contracts. Our members never receive a bill from us. We make money by saving you money!

Rebate Program?

Hive V.O.C.’s Strategic Partners have already negotiated rebates with over 350+ manufacturers on 165,000+ items, many of which you already purchase.

Here’s the secret to increasing your staff value

The key to your profitability lies in labor efficiency, whether you’re operating a scalable concept or a single-unit. You’re flying blind if you don’t know where each department and each individual employee lies on skills competency and compliance training. Learn more about how you can increase your profitability by optimizing your employee’s performance with Hive University.

Who We Help

Multi-Unit Operators
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Our restaurant consulting for multi-unit restaurant groups and franchises helps operators create sustainable profitability. It can be a challenge implementing systems and ensuring consistency across multiple locations. Hive VOC helps you find every opportunity to increase operational efficiencies.

Independent Operators
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It’s difficult to achieve consistent growth in your restaurant. The Hive VOC team has over 2 decades of experience managing high-end restaurant and hospitality locations, and we’re ready to share the systems we’ve learned for sustainable profitability with you. We can turn your restaurant around with our operations assessment, restaurant management processes, and marketing strategies.

New Concepts
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The restaurant industry is extremely competitive - 20% of restaurants fail in the first year. Every initial decision, from menu planning to restaurant layout, will make or break your chances of success. Hive VOC can help you start on the right foot by facilitating every step of the startup process.